Sunday, July 26, 2009

Private Pool Party

Since we live 2 hours away from SSD we could not make yesterdays swim party. We had one here today instead. Cinder loves the pool. It is only a little kiddie pool but Cinder does not care. She was diving into it, running circles in the pool, and jumping in after the ball. Here is video of her diving in for the ball:

Friday, July 17, 2009

We got Cinder back from the kennels! To me she seemed stressed, acted very much like a mommy's girl. Glad to have her home for a while longer. She had a surprise when she got home! It was a new puppy! He is SSD Graham Cracker! Yes a male and he is yellow. Now I can make a big oreo cookie with my three dogs! This is a picture of Cinder meeting him!
After only about a minute or two of saying hello, Cinder than crashed! I swear she did not move from this spot all night!
I also recieved her evaluation from the trainers. It basically said every thing I knew about her already, Such as she is high energy, very food motivated, has problems with counter surfing. The only thing I am confused on is they said she is a little bit harness sensitive! I really don't know how she is or the signs that would show this. Oh and they loved her heel! Otherwise they are looking at her for a breeder! So all in all it was a good evaluation! Unfortunatly we only have another 2 to 4 months with her.