Thursday, January 7, 2010

Things have been so busy. We just had Cinder home for the holidays which was really nice. Just before the holidays she participated in meet the dogs. I was told they believe they found her a partner. I can't wait know more. I am so excited for Cinder, but I also miss her. As I understand she is having a difficult time in the kennels, so she now goes home with someone every night. You may remeber me saying that she has a "binkie" that she sucks on, well she now has a special one for when she is in the kennels.

We did have a little scare with Cinder having the same spinal issue as her brothers. One weekend when she was home I noticed a lump on her back foot and brought it to the trainers attention. A few days later they noticed Cinder having a difficult time walking up some stairs. SSD decided to send her for a CAT scan to be sure nothing was wrong. Thankfully she came back with a clean bill of health. I was very happy.

I am actually going to get her tonight. Some of the dogs are going to the kennels for their 12 month evaluations, which means a 3 day weekend for Cinderella. I love having her home. She wears Mr. Graham out.