Thursday, March 26, 2009


Last night was Cinder's training session with our trainer,Meg! First let me say that she is an excellent trainer and really takes the time to answer your questions and helps you figure out what you are doing wrong! So I have been having a problem teaching give! I figured it was me and not Cinder, well I was right. Although thats not what I wanted to tell you about today. Meg decided to have all of us work on our dogs jumping at people that approach them to be petted. Which was an excellent exercise because Cinder is just a terrible jumper. So we tethered all the dogs up in deffernet areas and we went to approach each others dogs. Now if you knew Cinder you would know that she does not appear to be a mommy's girl! Last night she did not care if any one came to see her, all she wanted was me. I mean she barked and cried and did everything she was able to do to get my attention and to see where I was! So eventually I made my way back to her and she finally calmed down. Carrying her leash in her mouth while I petted her and loved her. My husband always says he is Cinder's favorite, well after last night I think we know who is her favorite!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Cinderella's Binky!!

This orange bone was given to me before I got Cinder. I was suppose to sleep with and then put it into her crate so she did not feel alone! I never did, I was a bad mom! She never really played with the bone until a couple of months ago when she decided that it was her must have toy. At first I called it her blankey because was where she was. Now we call it her binky because she is always sucking on the ends. The other day the bone got a whole in it and I decided to fix it, partly because I did not know where to buy another one. I sat on the couch with the bone and my sewing kit and Cinder is going absolutely crazy because I would not give her the bone. She started to walk back and forth, attack my cats and the other dog. When I finally gave it back she laid down with it for at least a half hour!

This toy seems to still go anywhere in the house with her. She even takes it to bed sometimes.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Playing Outside

Since today was absolute gorgous day, I decided to take Cinder outside to play retrieve. She was having a blast running up the hill to get the ball and then chasing it back down the hill. I was enjoying watching her and the weather was great. Until she came running full blast down the hill and around the clothes line pole and snap went the collar. I quickly grabbed her and the collar and went back into the house. I then looked at the collar and she clearly snapped it in two pieces. This was a very nice pink leather collar! If only this would of happened before Pawsabilities, I could have looked for a new collar than!! So now I have to get a new collar by tomorrow nights puppy outing to the local fire department!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cinderella, Snow White, Winter, Caspian

Pawsablities 2009

Yesterday I took Cinder to Pawsablities! We had an excellent time. She came home with 3 ribbons! She won them at the ball lottery, dress them up relay, and the tail wagging competition!!! She did a wonderful job walking around nicely on the leash. Cinder did much better than I had expected, knowing that there was going to be a lot of dogs, I thought that there was going to be no way of actually walking around. We got to see her sister, Snow White, and her mother, Winter! Her brother Caspian came with us! All round yesterday was very good day!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Watching Cinderella

All of Cinder's training sessions have been recoreded. Today I decided to watch one of them, to help me find what we need to work on. I put the dvd in the player and sit on the couch, Cinder shortly joins me, and start watching the video. It was an old one, she was only 11 weeks old, and it was her first visit to the mall! We are walking around, and we both seemed to be doing very well. Soon we are sitting at one end of the mall doing some training. At one point on the video Cinder loses interest in what we were working on and I call her back to me in that high pitch happy voice that all puppies love, and Cinder picks her head up off my lap and is watching the tv trying to figure out who is calling her! It was so cute to see her confused on where that voice was coming from since I was sitting right next to her and not calling her name.

Cinder Today

Cinderella, aka Cinder, is now 11 months old! She just learned heel and is working on the long retrieve. Cinder is like no other dog I know. She is very smart and loving. The other day I bought a box to put all of her toys in and the very first thing she does is puts a toy in it. I had just placed the box on the floor of my kitchen so that I could finish unloading my car. She is the biggest cuddler and loves to sleep under the blanket every night. I am going to love being able to tell you all about her life, I have no kids and always am talking about my dogs!

Meeting Cinderella

May 31, 2008. I was so excited about going to get a puppy to raise for SSD. They held us in suspense on witch puppy I was going to be coming home with; was it a boy or girl, black or yellow, what was its name? I had no answers, until they brought out a little black female named Cinderella! She was so adorable! I justed wanted to get home and play with her.