Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cinderella's Training has begun

It has been way to long since I updated.

First Cinder is now at the kennels for Advanced Training. She went back at the end of October. She was suppose to go October 12 but she decided that she wanted to stay longer and went into heat (finally) while I was on vacation.

SSD has decided not to use her as a breeder due to some medical problems that two of her brothers are dealing with. So we heard that she might be a balance dog. So I am excited for her.

I also learned that she is having some kennel strees. This week has been perticularly bad, I hope she will get better.

Since the advanced dogs go home on weekends, I see Cinder every other weekend since we live 2 hours away. Its so nice to get her home. She is greatly missed, especially at night my feet now freeze without her warming them.

Here is a video of her life with me.